Here are a few texts that I had the opportunity to write during the course of my professional activity when my operational schedule allowed me a little respite. This is a selection from chapters in collective works and articles published in a variety of journals. Their diversity, amongst other things, reflects how thinking about the phenomenon of world urbanization that has marked the past decades has evolved in parallel to environmental and climate issues.

Fighting poverty in developing cities. Recent trends and recurring questions.

This article appeared in issue 93 of “Annales de la recherche urbaine” (records of urban research). The fight against poverty (or inequality) is a subject that recurrently arises and subsequently disappears on the international community and donors’ agendas.

The challenge of cities in crisis

This is another piece written on Serge Michaïlof’s request for “A quoi sert d’aider le Sud?” He asked me to problematize the urban question as an introduction to the part of the book relating to cities and infrastructures.

Showcasing urban heritage to revive the local economy

This article was written at the request of Serge Michaïlof as a chapter to feature in his book “A quoi sert d’aider le Sud?” (What’s the point of helping the South?), published in 2006 by Economica, Paris. Serge was working for the AFD as operations director at that time and knew that that I had been very much involved in heritage, tourism and their effects on economy.

Financing urban development in emerging countries: needs and paradoxes.

The prestigious journal Revue d’économie financière was putting together an issue entitled ‘Financing cities’. The editorial board asked me to write a piece on the topic of emerging countries, since the other articles related to issues in developed countries.

Decentralization and developments. A thematic introduction

I wrote this text with my colleague Emile Lebris from the Institute for Research and Development (IRD). Emile and I had accepted the responsibility of overseeing an issue of the journal Afrique Contemporain (contemporary Africa) devoted to the topic of decentralization on the continent.

Local authority investment in the least developed countries: in favor of new generation financing products

This short note was written at the request of Cities Alliance management, who were looking for a way to encourage funders to significantly increase their commitments to local communities.

Adaptation and mitigation: How to finance investments by local authorities in developing countries?

I wrote this article with my colleague Juliana Pigey from the Urban Institute in Washington. It was presented at the Fifth Urban Research Symposium held in Marseille in 2009. A summary of this work figures in the minutes of the symposium, published by the World Bank in 2011 under the title Cities and Climate Change.